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LivingWorks Faith

Empowering faith leaders to save lives in their faith communities

Sooner or later, suicide is something every faith leader will confront. LivingWorks Faith is a groundbreaking skills training program to help you make a life-saving difference in your faith community.

Blending Scriptual wisdom and proven best practices, LivingWorks Faith is designed for all Christian faith leaders who want to learn to effectively prevent, intervene, and minister around the issue of suicide in their congregations.

We're excited to be launching LivingWorks Faith in the new few weeks!

LivingWorks Faith is coming soon!

To have us contact you when the program goes live and help bring life-saving skills to your faith community, simply fill out this contact form. You can also include questions, details about your suicide prevention goals, and anything else you'd like to share.

Faith Experience

The LivingWorks Faith Experience

LivingWorks Faith is 5-6 hour online learning program featuring information, simulations, and stories from over a dozen faith leaders and suicide survivors.

In this engaging program, you'll learn key skills for suicide prevention, intervention, and post-vention within your faith community setting.

To learn more, download our LivingWorks Faith information sheet.

Faith Scripture

Scriptural wisdom, evidence-based approaches

LivingWorks Faith is informed by the wisdom of Scripture, including theological perspectives, a Christian approach to life promotion, and a look at attitudes toward suicide through the ages.

Complementing this information are proven, evidence-based best practices in suicide prevention, intervention, and community support. Simulations and practice, including an in-depth scenario, help reinforce this learning throughout LivingWorks Faith.

Faith Bible Study

LivingWorks Faith's role in suicide prevention

LivingWorks Faith gives faith leaders foundational skills to make their congregations and communities safer from suicide, creating a supportive environment where people feel comfortable both seeking and offering help. In turn, this can provide a basis for training other people—such as ministry teams or congregation members—to help using LivingWorks' community-based model where everyone is part of the solution.

See the community model in action